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Kahlan Bingyi

Kahlan Bingyi

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PostSubject: User Manual    User Manual  EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 7:08 pm

Congratulations on your acquisition of this motorhome.

It is a luxe one with complex scripting so please take the time to read this notecard, so you can fully enjoy it.

in the box you find 2 versions of the motorhome

- a full version of 493 prims
- a rezz version that will count as only 29 prims on the land.


- a scripted bar that gives you your drinks
- a opening fridge
- a bed with sexmenu
- a bath and a shower both with poses
- 7 sitting spots inside and 4 outside plus a couple swing
- turning chair that is either passengerseat or part of indoor sitting spots


- one cannot take a bath of make love while driving. If you do the water and the poseballs stay behind. So never drive with bathwater out !


when you rezz the motorhome it will be in closed state. On the left side of it, on the outside near the drivers window you see 3 buttons you can click on.

1st button -> opens the sides of the motorhome so you can walk around in it ( it is not advised to drive in this state, the motorhome will even tell so, but it does not block on it). Do not be afraid if this changement of state(open sides) is not instantly. In a laggy environment it may take a bit of time.

2nd button -> opens the canpopy . Same story as above

3rd button -> rezzes the outside furniture (87 prims).


same as above with a few extra things you need to know:

- the rezz version is very complex scriptwise. the motorhome rerezzes every minute (that is necessary for the prims not to count on your parcel)

- the outdoor furniture is not rezz. So the 87 prims will count on your parcel.

If you try to make the motorhome do something at the exact moment of rezz, weird things might happen ( double doors, half opening doors, things out of sync). Do not panic.. the next rezz ( a minute later) all is back as it should be.


sit in drivers seat, accept the attachements.. wait till the motor runs and drive.
you can choose to do so in mouselook or from behind. When you have arrived at destination jsut get up. Wait till the bus is in place again otherwise moving around is hard.


The motorhome is copy. NEVER take the one you have put down back in inventory to rerez later, for it will not be in its starting state. Please always rezz a new one.

Drive safely !

Erick Gregan & Kahlan Bingyi
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User Manual
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