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 User Manual ( english)

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Kahlan Bingyi

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User Manual ( english) Empty
PostSubject: User Manual ( english)   User Manual ( english) EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 7:15 pm

Welcome aboard the legendary Blériot XI.

This historic plane was the first plane that successfully crossed the English Channel from Calais to Dover.
This achievement was made by Louis Blériot in 1909.

The aircraft has the distinction of being a mid-winged monoplane. The roll is caused by warping the wings by changing with the broom handle, the tension cables haubannage.
Very sensitive to the wind, this plane is difficult to fly in Real life. In the box you will find an advanced version of the plane that approaches this feeling as much as possible.

Contents of the box:

- Easy Bleriot XI (474 prims)
- Bleriot XI advanced (474 prims)
- Gesture "start engine" (ctrl + F12)
- Louis Bleriot clothes

note: the plane is an attachment. Therefore you will have no prims issues during flight. But to get in the plane you have to be able to put it down first.
You therefore need to be on a sim where you are allowed to put down 474 prims.

List of flight commands:

PgUp for more gas
PgDn for less gas
Left and right arrows to roll right and left
Arrow down to fly up
Arrow up to fly down

Note: For more realism, the direction buttons drive the "broom handle. "

Flights Tips:

a / Starting the engine:

For more realism, the engine must be started manually. For this, a gesture is in the box.

Enable this gesture (Start Motor) in your inventory.
Move your avatar to face the propeller on the right side of the aircraft. press Ctrl + F12 to activate the propeller. Your avatar will start the engine 3 times to brew, then contact and start the engine for starting.

Note: the gesture is full perm, so can be given to another avatar. In this way, you can ask him to start your aircraft after you have installed yourself on board.

b / Rolling:

With the advanced Bleriot you watch the side wind. The wind can lift the aircraft from the ground and put you in an unpleasant situation ...

c / take off

PgUp Gas till 100%
The aircraft lifts the tail, taking altitude. The engine is less powerful, stay full throttle throughout the flight.

d / landing:

Align the aircraft toward the landing zone and reduce gas to 60%
then once on the ground, cut the gas completely.

e / Stop: to stop the engine type "stop" in public chat. After a few bumps, the engine will stop.

To remove the aircraft, set yourself in front of the propeller , the same as for starting, and write in the chat "/ 100 delete". The aircraft will always be in your inventory, but disappear from the ground.

Note: If you are not in front of the propeller this command does not work.

In case you would be ejected by a security field, the aircraft will be returned to your inventory in the "Lost and found"

This model is designed to cross the boundaries of the region as easily as possible, however, the aircraft can stop a relatively short time. In this case, do not give orders during this time.

Thank you to trust EG-Aircraft, and we wish you good flights and adventures with your Blériot XI

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User Manual ( english)
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