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 User Manual (english)

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User Manual (english) Empty
PostSubject: User Manual (english)   User Manual (english) EmptyThu Sep 02, 2010 5:52 pm

Congratulations for the purchase of an -EG Aicraft glider

In the box you'll find templates of the glider. You can create your own glider (color and registration)

List of flight controls:
Arrows left and right for right and left turns

Downward Arrow to pitch down
Upward Arrow to pitch up
Voice chat controls : (enter following codes in chat)

g: Landing gear (up/down)
b: speedbrakes (in / out)

go: Triggers the catapult (works only if the aircraft is stopped) if you do not have any tower available.
/15 Firstname Name : can be towed by another plane. (Watch out for capitals in names)
/15 off : to release the tow cable

This model is following the same characteristic of RL gliding. It also allows you to perform basic aerobatics, loop, rolls etc. ...
When you reez the glider it offers you to attach the hud. (It is not mandatory, but will help you:)

Flights Tips:
Set the glider the same heading as the tow plane a few meters behind it,
after the tower plane is positionned , write in the chat / 15 'complete name' of the pilot of the plane. You will have an indication that you'll now follow the avatar that flies the tower plane
Towing should be smooth, no sudden acceleration or sharp cornering.Glider and plane should cross sims without any problem, but the best is to gain altitude circling wide within the same sim. After reached a comfortable altitude , release the tow cable (fictional) by writing in the chat " / 15 off. "
Do not forget to retract the landing gear.
Note: Any aircraft can tow your glider, but it is recommended to use a Robin DR400 Eg Aircraft. This aircraft is excellent for this type of operation.

The catapult launching:
Launching mode is simulated in order to fly even if you don't have towing plane available
Set the glider on the runway. Get in and type "go" in the local chat.
the glider will accelerate sharply and gain altitude. You can help by pitching a little up.
Warning, at the end of the catapult lauching , if you're trying to get too high, you may stall.
Anyway,always remember to retract the landing gear ...
Once you've reached suitable altitude, always watch your VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator) it will tell you if the glider descends or climbs.
In a stream of hot air, the glider will climb on its own, do not force it, keep the glider slightly pitched down to keep your speed.
To land, lower the landing wheel, and airbrakes , it will stop the thermals effects, so you'll be able to land.

Gliding technique :
Gliding is the non ending extension of gliding.

The glider is heavier than air, it has no engine, so its pilot must get all the energy of flight from the atmospheric environment. For it flies it has to find a force that opposes its own weight. This force is a result of air resistance that develops on the sustaining surfaces when the glider takes a descending apropriate path.

The principle of gliding is characterized by a downward trend compared to the surrounding air.
When the air mass is stable or falling, the glider descends towards the ground.
When the air mass is rising (rate of climb higher than the rate of fall of the glider), the glider rises away from the ground.
In case you would be ejected by banlines or a security device, the glider will be returned to your inventory in the "Lost found" folder
This model is designed to cross sim boundaries as easily as possible, however, the aircraft will stop a relatively short time. In this case, do not give orders to your glider during this period.
EG-Aircraft wish you good flights aboard the EGA glider.
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User Manual (english)
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