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 Pilot Manual in English for the Socata TB30 Epsilon

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Serena Lexington

Serena Lexington

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Pilot Manual in English for the Socata TB30 Epsilon Empty
PostSubject: Pilot Manual in English for the Socata TB30 Epsilon   Pilot Manual in English for the Socata TB30 Epsilon EmptyMon Nov 01, 2010 1:26 pm

Congratulations on the purchase of an airplane EG-Aicraft Socata TB-30 "Epsilon" We all wish you a lot enjoyable flight time aboard it.

1: Drag your TB-30 Epsilon EG-Aicraft" from your inventory on the ground
2: You may want to edit this silouhette to get the plane positioned as you need
3: Type "rezz" on the local chat to rezz the plane
4: Accept the attachment of the hud ( not mandatory but highly usefull)
5: After flying, just type "delete " on the local chat to derezz it( as the plane is copyable, you will always have the original in your inventory)

Remark: the canopy opens and close simply left clicking on it (Warning : Do not operate the canopy on flight)
1: If the cock pit is closed, open it first
2: This plane is a two seater, front seat is for the pilot, the rear one is the copilot's one (in case you intend to share the flight with a copilot, you can give him the "Hud TB30 copilot", included in the box.
3: To seat in the plane right clik on the plane and choose "pilot" Then seat on the front seat (same operation for the copilot for the rear seat)
4: Then, you will be offered to accept the attachment, i'ts not mandatory to fly but in this case, you can deny it but then you won't have any lights and several details such as mufflers and antenna.
5: To stand up from the plane, click on the regular "stand up" button on your lower screen part after openig your canopy

1: Climb "down arrow", "descent up arrow"
2: Turns are iniciated with left and right arrows
3:Throttle up is "PgUp" and throttle down is "PgDown"

All other commands are "voice chat commands"

"start" to start the engine
"stop" to kill the engine
b : To toggle on and off the brakes (wait untill the plane is fully stopped to increase the trhottle)
v : To toggle between the two flight modes (cruise or aerobatic modes) (It's highly recommended to get back on cruise mode to land)
g : To raise and lower the landing gear
l: To switch on and off the nav lights
s: To switch on and off the strobes
p: To swith on and off the landing lights
ld: To get the red "IRF lighting" of the dashboard

To pass on the controls to your copilot, or to take them back type "copilot" in the local public chat
You can give your copilot a "Hud TB30 copilot" included in the box
Warning: The copilot can give the controls back to the pilot typing "copilot" buthe cannot take them from the pilot in command

Beacon : This system allows the plane to send you a message in local chat that gives you its position inworld. Handy to retreive it in case of crash
commands are :
"beaconon" = System on
"beaconoff" = System off ( Not recommended)

Smokes (one at a time)

sw = White smok
sr = Red smoke
sb = Blue smoke
sg = Green smoke
sy = Yellow smoke
sp = Pink smoke

The engine power settings can be also handled by chat commands
0 = Idle
1 = 10%
2= 20%
.... and so on up to
10 = 100%
These chat commands give you the opportunity to get instantly the desired power setting without having to get through all the steps settings

Once seated in the plane
1: Switch the nav lights on
2: In the case an ATC is available contact it and request proper authorizations needed for your flight
3: Start up your engine (start)
4: Get a maximum of 20% power with the PgUp button or using the chat command
Remark using 30% and higher setting to taxi would be risky but you can use it to save time (only on straight lines)

1: Taxi to the runway entrance
2: Align your plane on the runway axis and hold
3: Set the brakes "on" with the b chat command and wait for the complete stop of the plane and wait for your clearance to take off
4: Raise the power to 100% then release the brakes (b)
5: Starting 85mph you can take off
6: raise the landing gear (g)

1: As for take off, contact ATC for landing clearance (if ATC is available)
2: Line up your plane on the landing runway axis at an altitude between 70m and 100m
and about 200m to the runway distance.
Reduce power to 30% (lower setting would get the plane to loose to much speed and would get it into a critical sink).
3: Lower the landing gear (chat command "b")
4 :Maintain a shallow rate of descent (more than -2 on the VSI would be dangerous for landing).
5: On touch down, lower the power to 0% (you may use the "b" chat command to slow the plane down in case of a too fast landing)
6: Taxi to your parking zone following the ground control inputs (if available)

For a correct display of your sculpties, see below.
LOD debug: Debug your settings LOD is a setting that will bring up all your sculpties perfectly. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the "Advanced" menu by Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on Mac.
2. Select "Debug Settings" in the list.
3. In the blank field, copy and paste this text:


4. It is recommended that a value between 4 and 6.

thanks to Ghanni Lane!

EG-Aircraft wish you good flights
To better serve you, all your comments, suggestions or questions may be submitted using the website forum :

for contact in world:
Erick Gregan
Kahlan Bingyi (sales and special orders)
Serena Lexington (demo's and technical questions not answered on the site)

Note: EG Aircraft (Erick Gregan) can not be held responsible for any changes made by © Linden Research, Inc. to "Second Life" or any malfunction during the operation of the airplane with the quality of service offered by © Linden Research, Inc..

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Pilot Manual in English for the Socata TB30 Epsilon
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