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 DC10 Pilot manual ( english)

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Kahlan Bingyi

Kahlan Bingyi

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DC10 Pilot manual ( english) Empty
PostSubject: DC10 Pilot manual ( english)   DC10 Pilot manual ( english) EmptyMon Aug 30, 2010 8:24 am

Congratulations on your purchase of an airplane EG-Aicraft

Welcome aboard your Mc Donnell Douglas DC10-30

Marysue Snoodle (structure of the plane)
Erick Gregan (scripts , textures and overall construction)

To satisfy the needs of pilots eager of advanced simulation, the DC10 EG Aircraft has been built to be the most realistic as possible.
All controls in the cockpit are functional (in mouselook and on the HUD) and the various procedures to be implemented are complex and require some training.
But in real life, there is a copilot to help the captain with the various procedures. In the DC10 EG Aircraft ,
the copilot is there in virtual form and possesses the same function. So, as captain, you can choose to do all the proceedings yourself,
or to give them to do to your virtual copilot.

************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ********************************************
! Given the complexity of this plane, we ask that you read this manual carefully.
In case of a problem, before contacting us, please visit:
************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ********************************************

* Drag the "Douglas DC10 Rezz Vx.xx" from your inventory on the ground.
* "Douglas DC10 Rezz Vx.xx" aks to attach the control HUD to your avatar. Accept this attachment, it is mandatory.
* Place the silhouette of the aircraft on the spot where you want to see the plane appear, then click the button "rezzing" on the HUD.
* To delete the plane after use, click on "delete" on the HUD and the aircraft will be deleted (the plane being copy, there will always be the original version in your inventory)

- PgUp or E for gas - or PgDn or C for less gas
- Arrows left and right for right and left turns
- Arrow down to pitch up
- Arrow up to pitch down

In the cockpit you have a display for the pilot and one for the copilot. Each display has its own zoom controls. You can set the display to your wishes.
The yellow arrow in the center of the screen indicates your position and direction. The areas covered are those of the region Nautilus, USS, and Blake Sea. If you leave this area, an indication Out off area will be displayed.
The GPS maps are updated automatically.

The autopilot of the aircraft is still being developed. You can use it, but it is at your own risk:)
You have 3 elements. heading, altitude and speed.
Adjust each item as you want, then select by clicking on the corresponding switch. (Round figures are preselected in tenth for the course and speed, by hundreds for altitude)
Then select the overall autopilot by clicking on the button "Autopilot" on the HUD.
Warning: the speed selector is activated at the very moment you turn it on.

For a correct display of your sculpties, see below.
LOD Debugging settings is a setting that will show all your sculpties perfectly. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the "Advanced" menu by Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on Mac.
2. Select "Debug Settings" in the list.
3. In the blank field, copy and paste this text:


4. It is recommended to put a value between 4 and 6.

Thanks to Ghannie Lane!

EG-Aircraft wish you good flights
To better serve you, all your comments, suggestions or questions may be submitted using the site:

for contact in world:
Erick Gregan
Kahlan Bingyi (sales and special orders)
Serena Lexington (demo's and technical questions not answered on the site)

Nota : EG Aircraft ( Erick Gregan) can not be hold responsable for any modifications ©Linden Research, Inc makes in the functionning of "second life" or for any malfunction while using the plane due to the quality of service that ©Linden Research, Inc provides.
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DC10 Pilot manual ( english)
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