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 DH-88 Comet pilot's manual (English)

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Serena Lexington

Serena Lexington

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DH-88 Comet pilot's manual (English) Empty
PostSubject: DH-88 Comet pilot's manual (English)   DH-88 Comet pilot's manual (English) EmptySun Feb 03, 2013 10:37 am

Congratulations on the purchase of a EG-Aicraft plane and welcome aboard your DeHavilland 88 Comet EG Aircraft

To meet the requirements of pilots eager to advanced simulation, the DeHavilland 88 Comet EG Aircraft was built to be as realistic as possible.
The controls in the cockpit are fully functional (in mouselook and on the HUD)

To fly in mouselook (subjective view) is really an experience you should try.
In the event that clicking on the buttons do not work in this mode, make sure you do not wear a hud that prevents this feature (some translators causes this problem)

To facilitate the operations of this plane and to ease the cross sims, best is to remove everything that is not absolutely necessary to your avatar.
Of course, this advice also applies to your passengers.

************************************************** **********************************
We strongly recommend that you read this manual carefully.
In case of problem and before contacting us, please visit:
************************************************** **********************************

* Drag the "DeHavilland 88 Comet EG Aircraft" or the "DH88 Grosvernor House EG Aircraft" from your inventory to the ground.
* "The plane will offer to attach the HUD control to your avatar. Accept this attachment, otherwise you will have to use voice commands (chat)
* To sit in the plane, right click on the plane and click on "pilot" or left click on the seat.
* Once you sit in your airplane, its name is changed to its registration number. It is this registration number you need to use in your conversations with air traffic control radio.
* You can delete your plane after your flight. The plane being copy, the original version will always be in your inventory.

HUD & COCKPIT description:

DH-88 Comet pilot's manual (English) Dh-88_10

1 - Heading indicator
2 - right engine gauge (oil pressure, oil temperature)
3 - Left engine guage (oil pressure, oil temperature)
4 - Landing gear lever
5 - Landing gear green lights
6 - Flaps lever
7 - Engines RPM (left and right)
8 - Voltage indicator (battery and generators left and right)
9 - Electrical Circuit :
a - Battery
b - Positions Lights (VFR)
c - Landing Lights (auto off whit gear up)
d - left generator
e - right generator
f - cockpit lighting
g - Start engine left & right
h - Magneto engine left & right
10 - Attitude indicator (artificial horizon)
11 - Airspeed indicator (speed in mph)
12 - Altimeter (in meters)
13 - Vertical speed indicator (VSI)
14 - Fuel gauges
15 - Mixture lever
16 - Brake handle
17 - Button zoom + and zoom - to enlarge or decrease the size of the upper part of the hud

- Power throttle = PgUp - PgDn
- Left and right arrows= left and right turns
- Arrow down to lift up the nose
- Arrow up to lower the nose

* Batteries: ON
* Check voltage
* Check the fuel quantities
* Mixture: full rich
* Ignition Left: ON
* Pull left starter
- (Left engine start)
* Wait and check the oil pressure, oil temperature and left engine cylinders.
* Generator Left: ON
* Check of left voltage
*Ignition right : ON
* Pull right starter
- (right engine start)
* Wait and check the oil pressure, oil temperature and right engine cylinders.
* Generator right: ON
* Verification of right voltage

Note: in case of startup failure, or malfunction of the engine, apply the procedure for engine shutdown, then repeat the starting procedure from the beginning.

* Mixture: closed (idlle)
* Batteries: OFF

- Type the chatcommand "refuel"
- The pump appears, click on the ball to fill the reservoirs.
- At some stage a message will indicate that the reservoirs are full.
- when you stand up the pump will be deleted automatically after 5 seconds.

Note: You can monitor the amount of fuel in the tanks with the gauges on the hud and on the dashboard

When your co-pilot sits in the right seat, you receive a message that asks if you accept his presence. If so, he will automatically receive a hud. The copilot has the choice to wear the hud or not , they can always use the chat commands if so chosen. All aircraft commands are available to the pilot AND copilot.
To give control of the flight controls to your co-pilot, you must use the chat command "copilot". Same to take the control back.
Tip: in case of disconnection or sl crash of the pilot, the copilot can take control by using the chat command "copilot" and then save the plane.

For proper display of your sculpties, see below.
Debugging LOD Debugging your LOD settings is a setting that will display all of your sculpties do perfectly. Just follow the following steps:

1. Open the "Advanced" menu with Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on Mac.
2. Select "debug settings" in the list.
3. In the field blank, copy and paste this text:


4. It is recommended that a value between 4 and 6.

Thanks to Ghannie Lane!

EG-Aircraft wish you good flights
To better serve you, all your comments, suggestions or questions may be submitted using the site:

Contacts inworld:
Erick Gregan
Kahlan Bingyi (sales and special orders)
Serena Lexington and Ashuri Hellwolfe (i3darkwulf) (demo's and technical questions not answered on the site)

Note: EG Aircraft (Erick Gregan) can not be held responsible for any changes made by © Linden Research, Inc. to "Second Life" or any malfunction during use of the aircraft with the quality of service offered by © Linden Research, Inc..

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DH-88 Comet pilot's manual (English)
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