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 The "RAFALE" Flight manual (English)

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Serena Lexington

Serena Lexington

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The "RAFALE"  Flight manual (English)   Empty
PostSubject: The "RAFALE" Flight manual (English)    The "RAFALE"  Flight manual (English)   EmptyThu Jun 02, 2011 3:15 pm

EG Aircraft thanks you for your purchase and wishes you much fun with the RAFALE

******we want to give a special thank you to Aeon Voom for letting me add his AMOK aircraft carrier equipment to this plane******

1. Rafale M no Combat: Rafale marine version, not equipped for combat. Including AMOK aircraft carrier equipment.
1 Rafale M Combat: Rafale marine version, equipped with the system VICE, CMS and including the AMOK aircraft carrier equipment.
1 Rafale A No Combat: land version, not equipped for combat.
1 Rafale A combat: land version, equipped with the VICE and CMS systems
1 Display Rafale M: ​​not scripted
1 Dispay Rafale A: not scripted
1 Gesture for firing a missile
1 Gesture for chaff or flares (launched automatically when you are a "locked target")
1 User Manual in English
1 User Manual in french

Note: You receive the updates automatially. If an update is required you will receive it when you rezz the plane.
This plane is Safe Land equipped to allow you to fly over full sims.

to rezz the AIRCRAFT
1 / Drag the Rafale of your choice from your inventory to the ground.
2 / Accept the attachment of the "Hud Rafale" the HUD is required for aerial combat.
3 / After use, to remove the aircraft, just type "delete" in the public chat (the aircraft being "copy" there always remains an original in your inventory)


Note: The cockpit opens and closes simply by clicking (single left click). (Open it closes,closed it opens)
1 / Left-click sit on the plane.
2 / Once seated, the plane offers to accept attachments. They are optional, you can refuse them, but in this case, the parking lights, different lights, the ejection seat and parachute will not work.
3 / You get off the plane by clicking on the "stand up" of your viewer.

The "RAFALE"  Flight manual (English)   Hud_ra10

The hud is given by the aircraft automatically on rezzing.
If you get off the plane, it remains synchronized with the hud. If you detach the hud, you need to get a new one. Just type "hud" in the public chat.


Depending on the version of Rafale that you use, the HUD may be slightly different.
This description is the most complete hud. (Rafale M fighter)

Description of buttons: (left to right)
1 / Eject (no comment)

2 / Mids / off: Enables or disables the laser guide map
3 / Vice fight: activates or deactivates the system VICE
4 / Air-air Mica to select the MICA missile
5 / Air-air Meteor: to select the Meteor missile
6 / Air-Air M39 or BGL 1000: Exocet laser missile (Rafale M) or BGL 1000 (Rafale A)
7 / Air-Air BGL 400: select laser-guided bomb 400 BGL
8 / Brakes: activates or deactivates the brakes
9 / Gears: toggles the retractable landing gears
10 / Motors: start or stop the engines
11 / GPS: enable or disable the GPS

1 / Flying mode: Enables or disables the mode of flight combat, available only if the wheels are retracted (hud bottom)
2 / Default: Enables the camera by default (to secure the rear of the aircraft)
/ 3 Follower: active follower mode of the camera (viewed from the rear of the aircraft in dynamic mode, spin the mouse wheel for zoom)
/ 4 taxiing: Activates the "taxiing camera" (from above and behind of the aircraft for taxiing, spin the mouse wheel for zoom)
/ 5 Blocked: locks the camera to where it is (used to control the aircraft as a RC model)
/ 6 Landing Light: turns on or off the landing lights
/ 7 Strobe: Toggles the IFR strobes.
/ 8 Position light: Toggles NAV lights
9 / Hook: retracts or deploy the landing hook. (Only on the Rafale M)
10 / Flap: Toggles the flaps (flaps increase the lift, and slow the plane)

1 / power indicator
2 / Head Up Display: activates or deactivates the head-up flight indicator .


1 / Up "arrow down" and down "arrow up"
2 / Turn right or left, respectively "right arrow" or "left arrow"
3 / Increase the power "PgUp", reduce the pressure "PgDown"

Note: Please note that aircraft is powerful. For your safety, it is recommended not to fly with 100% power continuously, the speed is excessive. 70% at maximum cruise is desirable. Excessive speed and load factor (G) too much can cause a dynamic stall and a total loss of control of the aircraft.

Other commands are "chat commands":

start: Start the engines
stop: cuts engines
br: tight or loose the brakes (until the complete stop of the aircraft prior to apply throttle)
v: change flight modes (normal or combat) (normal mode is automatically set back extending the landing gears)
g: Toggles landing gears
fl:Toggles the flaps (can increase lift, and slows the plane)
l:Toggles NAV lights
s:Toggles strobes
p: Toggles landing lights (On takeoff and landing, it shows your intentions to other pilots)
H: extend or deploy the tail-hook (only available on Rafale M version )
The throttle can be controlled directly by commands chat, that, allows you to obtain the needed power setting without having to go through all power setting stages.
0 = 0%
1 = 10%
2 = 20%
up to
10 = 100% (post combustion, necessary for catapulting. Use with caution during the flight)

Chat commands for VICE-CMS
vice on: Enables the system
vice off: disables the system
Selected weapon are loaded and ready after a delay of 10 seconds. During this time the indicator will go blank.
Air to Air:
b1: activates MICA (infrared guided missile) (type CMB)
b2: activates Meteor (missile guidance radar) (type CMB)

Air to Ground (air-ground) (see paragraph for use "laser guided")
b3: activates the Exocet (Rafale M) or BGL 1000 (Rafale A) (powerful charge type SMB)
b4: activates BGL 400 (type CMB)

Shot gun: left click of the mouse.
Firing missiles, "b" or F1 (gesture provided)
Flares : "f" or F2 (gesture provided)

teamnone: no registration, (you will be recognized as an independent)
team1: entry in the No. 1 team
team2: entry in the No. 2 team
team3: entry in the No. 3 team
team4: entry in the No. 4 team

For additional questions, please consult the VICE Combat System at the address:

Once seated in the aircraft:
1 - Turn on your nav lights to show other users that the aircraft is under control.
2 - If the ATC is available , contact it and ask for instructions and necessary permissions for your flight.
3 - Start the engine with the chat command "start"
4 - Press PgUp to a maximum of 20% power or use the appropriate chat commands (indicating chat)
Note: From 30% up you risk injury, but you can use this power in a straight line (only) to save time.
5 - Taxi the plane with the left and right arrows to the runway following the instructions of the airport ATC.

/ 1 taxi to the runway threshold
/ 2 Align the aircraft on the axis, mark the breakpoint.
/ 3 Enable the brakes by chat command "b" and wait for the complete stop of the airplane (speed 0) and wait for takeoff clearance from the the airport ATC.
/ 4 Increase power up to 100%, then release the brakes by chat command "b"
/ 5 From 100 mph you can take off
/ 6 get the landing gears up "g" chat command
/ 7 Reduce to 70% power to start your cruise.

Catapulting (only available on version Rafale M) (catapult and arrestors are available on NHAF airport)
/ 1 Position the aircraft on the catapult
/ 2 Set brakes on
/ 3 Raise the catapult fire shield
/ 4 Increase power up to 100% (afterburner lit)
/ 5 Click the green button on the catapult and select your name from the blue menu
/ 6 immediately after takeoff, reduce power to 70% and retract landing gears
Note: All these conditions must be met for successful catapulted take off .

In the same way as for takeoff, contact the ATC and request landing instructions and clearances.
/ 1 Align the aircraft on the centreline of the runway at an altitude between 70 and 100 m and a suitable distance (minimum 200m)
/ 2 Reduce the throttle down to 40% (a lower power would lead to a significant loss of speed and the aircraft could sink dangerously)
/ 3 Lower the flaps with "fl" chat command (watch your speed)
/ 4 Extend the landing gears with "g" chat command (the aircraft automatically get back to normal flight mode and flight controls are weaker)
/ 5 Maintain the aircraft down to the runway. (A descent to below -2 value on the VSI is dangerous for a safe landing )
/ 6 At touchdown, the thrust is automatically reduced to 0%, you can use "br" chat command to slow the aircraft down when landing too fast and / or use PgeDown lower than 0% will engage thrust reversers, do not forget to get back to 0% once slowed down.
/ 7 Taxi to parking , following the of ground control instrutions.

Aircraft carrier Landing ( available only on Rafale M version) (Carrier landing equipment operationnal on NHAF airport)
/ 1 Align the aircraft on Runway carrier aircraft at an altitude between 70 and 100 m and has a good distance (minimum 100m)
/ 2 Reduce the throttle down to 30% (a lower power would lead to a significant loss of speed and the aircraft could sink dangerously)
/ 3 lower the flaps with "fl" chat command (watch the speed)
/ 4 down the tailhook with "h" chat command.
/ 5 Extend landing gears with "g" chat command (the aircraft automatically get back to normal operation and and flight controls are weaker)
/ 6 Maintain the aircraft down to the runway. (A descent to below -2 value on the VSI is dangerous for a safe carrier landing )
/ 7 If you hook the cables correctly, the thrust is automatically reduced to 0% and the aircraft is stopped, otherwise, go around and try again.
/ 8 Raise the tailhook déccrocher for cables
/ 9 Taxi to parking area following the Carrier Deck Control instructions.

To use this system you must wear and use the hud.
To activate the guidance
/ 1 Click the "Mids" button on the hud.
/ 2 Click the map where you want to lock a target on the ground.
/ 3 Answer the question "Altitude?" indicating at what altitude you believe to be the target.
/ 4 Select the type of target
= Ground vehicle (avatar detection).
Ground equipment = detection on scripted objects (be careful if the area contains too many scripted objects, the locking won't work)
/ 5 A red indicator will be positioned on the map. after locking, if the target moves it'll remain locked.
/ 6 Choose to shoot an Excocet BGL 1000 (on boats, armored vehicles or strong buildings, or shoot a BGL 400 (on infantry or on wood or fabric equipments on the ground)
/ 6 After reaching your target or to change the target click RESET and repeat the operations for target acquisition.

Note: A target remains locked until the RESET button has been pressed. Change the selection without a reset will cause an error, and the guidance won't be operational .

This system is counter measure equipped hostile missiles can be lured. It does not work e ach time, the chance to fool opposing a missile is 20%. So do not rely solely on this sytem.

Warning: This combat system should never be used for harassment. It is a combat plane that should only be used on targets that have agreed. EG Aircraft is not responsible for the conduct of the pilots of these aircrafts.
It is every pilots own responsibility to obey the rules for compliance established by Linden

For a correct display of your sculpties, see below.
LOD debug: Debug your settings LOD is a setting that will bring up all your sculpties perfectly. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the "Advanced" menu by Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on Mac.
2. Select "Debug Settings" in the list.
3. In the blank field, copy and paste this text:


4. It is recommended that a value between 4 and 6.

With thanks to Ghanni Lane!


EG-Aircraft wish you good flights
To better serve you, all your comments, suggestions or questions may be submitted using the site:

for contact in world:
Erick Gregan
Kahlan Bingyi (sales and special orders)
Serena Lexington (demo's and technical questions not answered on the site)

Note: Aircraft EG (Eric Gregan) cannot be held responsible for any changes made by © Linden Research, Inc. to "Second Life" or any malfunction during the operation of the airplane due to the quality of service offered by © Linden Research, Inc..

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The "RAFALE"  Flight manual (English)   Empty
PostSubject: Need help with the new Dassault   The "RAFALE"  Flight manual (English)   EmptySat Jun 04, 2011 10:42 pm

I have many of EG aircraft. All are well made and scripted. Except the latest Dassault.

It is unflyable by me. I have a very powerful Alienware Area 51 computer, i7 processor running at 3.25mHz, I have twin GTX550 video cards with 4GB of VRAM each. These are SLI cards by nVidia. I am running the latest nVidia drivers. Also I have 24 GB of triple channel RAM running at 1100mhz. My point is I dont think my PC is the issue.

The dassault is very very sluggish to fly. Even over open waters in the Blake Sea. The response of the HUD controls is very sluggish. Sometimes it takes over 5 seconds when you press a HUD command and execution of the command.

If I happen to hit a SIM wall that doesnt connect to another SIM, even at 100% throttle the plane will fall. Turning it down, left or right same thing happens. It is as if this plane is flying in slow motion.

I am sure it is a glitch either in my installation of the Dassalt. No other jet or aircraft I have (and I have nearly 1000 aircraft) behaves as this does. Ive done all the routine things, flush cache, reinstall, my avatar has 17prims when I fly.

Help please!!!!

Thank you!
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Erick Gregan
Erick Gregan

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The "RAFALE"  Flight manual (English)   Empty
PostSubject: Re: The "RAFALE" Flight manual (English)    The "RAFALE"  Flight manual (English)   EmptySun Jun 05, 2011 10:38 am

Really strange ... Crying or Very sad

Contact me when you will be "inworld".
(Question.. Is what you use version 1.4 ?)
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The "RAFALE"  Flight manual (English)   Empty
PostSubject: Re: The "RAFALE" Flight manual (English)    The "RAFALE"  Flight manual (English)   Empty

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The "RAFALE" Flight manual (English)
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