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 Alpha Jet Flight manual (English)

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Serena Lexington

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Alpha Jet Flight manual (English) Empty
PostSubject: Alpha Jet Flight manual (English)   Alpha Jet Flight manual (English) EmptyFri Mar 04, 2011 4:52 pm

EG Aircraft thanks you for your purchase and wishes you much fun with the Alpha jet - E


1 / Drag the Alpha Jet-E NON-COMBAT EG Aicraft from your inventory to the ground.
2 / You can edit this silhouette to position it to the location where you want the plane to be.
3 / Write "rezz" in the public chat to rezz the plane.
4 / Accept the attachment of the "Hud Alphajet" (optional but highly recomended)
5 / After use, to remove the aircraft, write "delete" in the public chat (the aircraft being "copy" there always remains an original in your inventory)

Note: The cockpit opens and closes simply by clicking (single left click). (Open it closes,closed it opens)
1 / If the cockpit is closed, open it.
2 / There are two seats in the cabin, the front for the pilot, and behind for the copilot. (In case you want to share the flight with the copilot,you can give him the hud provided in the box called "Hud Alpha-jet copilot")
3 / To sit, right click and sit in the front seat. (same for the copilot in the back seat)
4 / The aircraft offers to accept the attachment. This one is optional, you can refuse it, but in this case, the parking lights and various light won't work.
5 / To get off the plane clicking the "stand up" on your screen, after you open your canopy.


1 / Up "arrow down" and down "arrow up"
2 / Turn right or left, with respectively "right arrow" or "left arrow"
3 /To Increase the throttle "PgUp", to reduce the throttle "PgDown"

Note: Please note that the aircraft is powerful. So for your safety, do not fly with 100% power continuously, that speed is excessive. 80% or less in cruise is recomended.

Other commands are "voice chat":

start: start the engines
stop: stop the engines
b: set or loose the brakes (wait for the complete stop of the aircraft before increasing the throttle again)
v: changes flight mode (Normal or Aerobatic)
(it is strongly recommended to switch to normal mode for landings)
g: toggles the retractable landing gears
f: toggles the flaps (flaps increase the lift, and slow the plane)
ejp : Eject the passenger
l: Toggles the nav lights
s: toggles the strobe lights
ld: toggles the dashboard IFR lighting
p: toggles landing lights (turn them on for takeoff and landing, it shows your intentions to other pilots)

To give controls to the copilot :

To give the flight controls to your copliot or take the controls back, write "copilot" in the public chat (Note: the copilot can give the controls back to the pilot but not take them, the pilot has to give him those controls)

To be able to fly this way the passager/copilot receives that hud the minute he sits down in the plane.

The plane is equipped with a safe land system that allows you to overfly full parcels

The engine power can be controlled directly by chat commands
0 = 0%
1 = 10%
etc etc up to
10 = 100%
These chat commands put you directly on the desired power without having to go successively through all the stages.

Once seated in the aircraft:
1 - Turn on your nav lights to show other users that the aircraft is under control.
2 - If the ATC is available , contact it and ask for instructions and necessary permissions for your flight.
3 - Start the engine with the chat command "start"
4 - Press PgUp to a maximum of 20% power or use the appropriate chat commands (indicating chat)
Note: From 30% up you risk injury, but you can use this power in a straight line (only) to save time.
5 - Taxi the plane with the left and right arrows to the runway following the instructions of the airport ATC.

/ 1 taxi to the runway threshold
/ 2 Align the aircraft on the axis, mark the breakpoint.
/ 3 Enable the brakes by chat command "b" and wait for the complete stop of the airplane (speed 0) and wait for takeoff clearance from the the airport ATC.
/ 4 Increase power up to 100%, then release the brakes by chat command "b"
/ 5 From 100 mph you can take off
/ 6 get the landing gears up "g" chat command
/ 7 Reduce to 70% power to start your cruise.

In the same way as for takeoff, contact the ATC and ask for instructions and necessary permissions for your landing.
/ 1 Align the aircraft on the centreline of the runway at an altitude between 70 and 100 m and keep a good distance (minimum 200m)
/ 2 Reduce the Throttle to 40% (a lower power would lead to a significant loss of speed and the aircraft could sink dangerously)
/ 3 extend the flaps by the "f" chat command (watch the speed)
/ 4 Extend the landing gear with "g" chat command.
/ 5 Hold the aircraft down towards the runway. (A descent to below -2 on the VSI is dangerous for a correct landing)
/ 6 touchdown, then reduce the throttle down to 0%, you can use cat command "b" to stop the aircraft when landing too long and/or use PgeDown lower than 0% to get the reverse engaged, don't forget to get back to 0% once slowed down)
/ 7 Taxi to your parking area by following the directions of ground control.

First of all, enable the two gestures provided in the box. F1 to drop a load and F2 to cast lures (flare)
to activate the combat system, click "VICE" on the HUD control.
4 types of weapons are at your disposal.
* Canon 20mn, (left button on your mouse)
* AIM 9x "Sidewinder" missile air to air
* AIM 120 "Amraam" missile air to air
* SMB "Alarm" missile air to ground

In close combat the sidewinder will not be of any use, use the canon instead.
but on large areas of combat, a distance of 90m is ideal for missiles, it is necessary to anticipate somewhat the trajectory of the target and shoot at the right time.
It requires some experience, but you will get good results quickly.
In case of an attack on you, you can try to dodge the fire with the flares, if this does not always work, it's still very pretty ... Smile
To select different loads, click on the weapon you want (hud command button).

Warning: This combat system should never be used for harassment. It is a combat plane that should only be used on targets that have agreed. EG Aircraft is not responsible for the conduct of the pilots of these aircrafts.
It is every pilots own responsibility to obey the rules for compliance established by Linden

We wish you great flights !

For a correct display of your sculpties, see below.
LOD debug: Debug your settings LOD is a setting that will bring up all your sculpties perfectly. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the "Advanced" menu by Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on Mac.
2. Select "Debug Settings" in the list.
3. In the blank field, copy and paste this text:


4. It is recommended that a value between 4 and 6.

With thanks to Ghanni Lane!

EG-Aircraft wishes you good flights
To better serve you, all your comments, suggestions or questions may be submitted using the site:

for contact in world:
Erick Gregan
Kahlan Bingyi (sales and special orders)
Serena Lexington (demo's and technical questions not answered on the site)

Note: Aircraft EG (Eric Gregan) cannot be held responsible for any changes made by ©️ Linden Research, Inc. to "Second Life" or any malfunction during the operation of the airplane due to the quality of service offered by ©️ Linden Research, Inc..
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Alpha Jet Flight manual (English)
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