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 User Manual note card (English) for the Fouga Magister

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User Manual note card (English) for the Fouga Magister  Empty
PostSubject: User Manual note card (English) for the Fouga Magister    User Manual note card (English) for the Fouga Magister  EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 7:34 pm

EG Aircraft thank you for your purchase and wish you a lot of fun in your CM170 "Fouga Magister"

1 / Drag the Fouga from your inventory to the ground.
2 / You can edit the aircraft to the position you want it.
3 / Wear the "Hud command Fouga Magister" and click "Rezzing. (Optional)
4 / To delete the plane, click the HUD button "Delete" (the aircraft is "copy" there is always an original in your inventory)

Note: The cockpit opens and closes simply by clicking (single click). (open it closes, it opens closed)
1 / If the cockpit is closed open it.
2 / There are two sit-ball "in the cabin, one in front for the pilot, one in the back for your teammate.
3 / to sit do a simple click on the ball "Pilot". (Same for the teammate, but on the other ball)
4 / If you chose to rezz the details, the Fouga will ask you to accept the attachment, click "Yes". (attachment is on the pelvis of the avatar)
5 / To get "properly" from the plane, never use the button "rise" of Second Life. Open the cockpit and click "Stand up" hud command of the Fouga.
It takes a little time. Be patient.

1 / Up "arrow down" and down "arrow up"
2 / Turn right or left, respectively "right arrow" or "left arrow"
3 /To increase the speed "PgUp", to reduce the speed "PgDown"
Other controls are on hud command (click the link below)

Once seated in the plane:
In the event that a flying administration is present, call them and ask for the necessary permits for your flight.
/ 1 Click on the button "Motors" from hud command and wait until both engines have completed their startup sequence.
/ 2 Click on "Brakes" on the HUD control, it turns red, the air is free.
/ 3 Press PgUp up to a maximum of 20% thrust (indicating chat and on the hud in the face "engine")
Note: From 30% you risk injury, but in a straight line (only) you can use this power to save time.
/ 4 You can steer the plane with the arrows right and left.

/ 1 Press PgDown get up to 0% thrust. You can put the reverse by pressing once again on PgDown, the pressure will be 10% and the plane back.
/ 2 Brakes Click on the button turns green and the aircraft stopped.
/ 3 Click on Motors, the button turns red and the engine cut.
/ 4 Open the cockpit and click on "Stand Up" to the hud off the plane.

/ 1 Roll up right outside the track
/ 2 Align the aircraft on the axis
/ 3 Select the brakes (Brakes)
/ 4 Gradually increase the pressure up to 60%, then release the brakes (Brakes)
/ 5 From 180 Kts you can take off
/ 6 Enter the train by clicking on the "Gear" the hud command

Similarly for takeoff, contact the administration of flights and ask the necessary permissions for your flight.
/ 1 Align the aircraft on the centreline of the runway at an altitude of 50 m
/ 2 Reduce the pressure up to 30% (security prohibited to under 30% as the aircraft is not the ground)
/ 3 Remove the landing gear ( "Gear" on the HUD control)
/ 4 Pull the flaps to slow the aircraft ( "Flap" on hud command)
/ 5 Hold the aircraft descended toward the runway.
/ 6 touchdown, reduce the pressure to 0%, you can also use the reverse to slow the aircraft more quickly.
/ 7 Join your parking area by following the guidelines of the ground control.

This plane has two flight modes, "normal" and "fight". Button Flying Mode "on the HUD control.
Normal mode means that the aircraft returns to flat quickly, this mode makes the steering easier, but it is less maneuvering. This mode is perfect for sequences of takeoff and landing. The aircraft returned to normal mode automatically when you go down the landing gear.
The battle mode is more violent and very good for the stunt. In turn we must put the aircraft on the edge, and draw on the depth, it requires some practice, train you ...

First of all, enable the two gestures in the box provided. F1 to drop a load F2 to cast lures (flare)

To activate one of two combat systems, click the "VICE" or "TCS" on the HUD control. A single system can both be used but can be changed directly as needed.
5 types of weapons are at your disposal.
M134 machine gun Gatlin (left button mouse)
AIM 9L "Sidewinder" air to air missile (a guide on avatar)
AGM-65 Maverick air to ground missile (guidance on scripted object or physical mobile)
GBU-24 "Paveway" bomb air to ground (not powered steering on avatar, scripted object or physical mobile)

In close combat the sidewinder do will not help, use the Gatlin instead, on large areas of combative, a distance of 150m is ideal for the Sidewinders, it is necessary to anticipate somewhat the trajectory of the target and shoot at the right time, it requires some experience, but you will get good results quickly.
Regarding the Maverick, good shooting distance is about 150m also align the plane about the target and fires.
The Paveway dropped is always a bit risky, it is the right altitude and the right distance to reach the target, but the result is powerful.
In case of attack on you, you can try to dodge the fire with flares, if this does not always work, it's still very pretty ... Smile
To select different loads, select one of two combat systems (or vice tcs) and click on the weapon you want (button hud command).

Warning: This combat system should never be used for practical objections. He is a fighter who should only be used on targets that are agreed. EG Aircraft is not responsible for the use of its aircraft by their owners.
It is every driver to obey the rules for compliance established by Linden.

We wish you a wonderfull flight
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User Manual note card (English) for the Fouga Magister
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