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 User Manual note card (English) for the Falcon 2000

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Serena Lexington

Serena Lexington

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User Manual note card (English) for the Falcon 2000 Empty
PostSubject: User Manual note card (English) for the Falcon 2000   User Manual note card (English) for the Falcon 2000 EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 7:44 pm

Congratulations for buying an EG Aircraft Falcon 2000

Welcome aboard your Falcon 2000 Privacy Flight "

Description of flight:

Rep. 1: Opening and closing the outer gate.
Rep. 2: Lighting and extinguishing of lights.
Rep. 3: Ignition and extinguishing of the strob
Rep. 4: Ignition and extinction of landing lights.
Rep. 5: Start and stop engines 1 and 2.
Rep. 6: Control of Landing Gear (Up and Down).
Rep. 7: Order of flaps (Up and Down).
Rep. 8: Gauge pressure and engine speed 1 and 2.
Rep. 9: Witnesses positions of the 3 landing gear.
Rep. 10: Manette landing gear.
Rep. 11: Speedometer
Rep. 12: Indicator altitude ground
Rep. 13: Indicator altitude Wed
Rep. 14: Indicator cap
Rep. 15: annoucements in cabin

/ 88 radio on: turn on the radio ATC
/ 88 radio off: turn off the radio ATC

:first put on the HUD. Then put the plane down.. you will see a white arrow.. position the arrow in the way you want the plane to be and then click rezzing on the HUD and the plane will rezz.

PgUp or E for more gas - PgDn or C for less gas
Left or right arrows to turn right or left
Arrow down to rear
Arrow up to pique

Passengers can have a drink by clicking on the bar. The bar will give the chosen drink in inventory. Just wear it . Window curtains can be opened or closed as well as the ashtrays.

This model airplane is relatively fast, but still very manoeuvrable.

Flights Tips:

From the moment you sit on board, you can choose to see the plane from behind, or go in person view (use the menu for that),
In mouselook you operate the controls of the dashboard bij pointing with your mouse and click left.
You must accept attachments of airplane parts (on pelvis and Belly). These elements will eventually be copied into your inventory, but you can delete it after use of the aircraft.

Boarding passengers: Each passenger choses a seat and sits. Once take off has taken place, no one should stand up for you will be ejected. It is possible that the camera is not positioned correctly (pilot's view instead of passenger). To fix this, simply change the mode once. (Mouselook on and off).
Note: the bench at the end of the plane is for lovers:)

Rolling: 10% to 20% of power is necessary. Do not exceed 60 knots on the ground, beyond this speed the aircraft will have a bizarre and unrealistic.

Remove the flaps,
Tighten the brake
Press PgUp up display Gas 70%.
Released the brakes.
The plane soars, make a sufficient speed of rotation,
Retract the landing gear
Retract the flaps.

Go around the track by making a rectangular circuit
In the downwind (parrallele runway in the opposite direction) leave the flaps and reduce power to 50%
Align the camera in the direction of the landing zone and reduce the gases to 40%.
Remove the landing gear.
Watch the speed, if the stall warning lights, increase the power of 10%
Leave off the plane to the runway bearing glides the green. Reduce power to 30%
After touchdown, reduce power to 10% to finish rolling and join your park area.

For a flight of cruise power of 70% is acceptable, beyond that, the plane will take too much speed, the flight will be chopped and randomly crossing regions.

In case of flight speed too low.
The aircraft will pitch down abruptly. to restore a normal flight, increase the power, then once the alarm décrocchage off, lift the nose of the aircraft to the horizon line.

In case you would be ejected by a security field or any other problem, the aircraft will be returned to your inventory in the "Lost found. Some elements of the aircraft are "attached" to your avatar, after a crash of SL, it will neccessaire of detaching these elements.

This model is designed to cross sim borders as easily as possible, however, the aircraft will stop a relatively short time. In this case, do not give orders to your Falcon during this time and wait to get their hands on the aircraft.

For a correct display of your sculpties, see below.

LOD Debug: Debug settings of LOD adjustment is going to display all your sculpties perfectly. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the menu "Advanced" by Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on Mac.
2. Select "Debug Settings" in the list.
3. In the empty field, copy and paste this text:


4. it is recommended not putting a higher value than 4.

This is not supposed to create lag.
Thanks to Ghanni Lane!

EG-Aircraft wish you good flights

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User Manual note card (English) for the Falcon 2000
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