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 Falcon 7X presentation in English

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Serena Lexington

Serena Lexington

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Falcon 7X presentation in English Empty
PostSubject: Falcon 7X presentation in English   Falcon 7X presentation in English EmptyMon Sep 05, 2011 5:26 pm

The Falcon 7x is the ultimate luxury private Jet.
EG-Aircraft did its best to include as much luxury, gadgets and flight enhancement procedures as possible.
And as a bonus you can choose before rezzing if you want it to have seats in the back, or an office or a bedroom with working bed !!

This is not a plane you can just sit in and fly away, some practice and a good reading of the notecards will be necessary.

Attention: for those that like to have their planes custom painted. this is a private jet so it will not be painted in the colors of an existing or invented airliner. Custom paints are possible but within the existing design.

- Advanced flight simulation
- Engines start realistic procedure
- Progressive engines sounds (realistic)
- Fully functional digital dashboard
- Flying totally in mouselook possible
- 4 different camera positions (pilot and copilot)
- Co-flying (with copilot)
- Hud part level (you can see only the parts you need)
- Screen head up display (HUD and cockpit)
- Transponder
- Radio # 119,200 Mhz (Gridtalkie - radio system "you / Air traffic control" via chat)
- Management of the flight plan (with radio communication)
- TCAS (anti collision system)
- ILS (Instrument Landing System)
- Fuel Management (self refueling system)
- Flaps (Effective on the flight behaviour)
- Slats (effective on the flight of the aircraft)
- Air Brakes (automated control)
- Parking Brakes
- Latch lock (Prevents from unwanted opening and closing )
- Animation of flight surfaces
- 3 interior versions included (Travel, Desk, Bed)
- Boarding authorization passengers and co-pilot system (can refuse boarding to an unwanted avatar )
- 2 cameras to choose from for passengers (chat command)
- Realistic interior and exterior lightings
- Functional Doors and windows curtains
- Bar with drink delivery script
- Champagne on the table
- Coffee
- Bed (27 poses adults (version "bed")

If you need any help with your Falcon 7X, please contact Serena Lexington, Or Erick Gregan inworld. For customazing questions, contact Kahlan Bingyi

Have fun and plenty of wonderfull flights in your Falcon 7X
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Falcon 7X presentation in English
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