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 User Manual Piper Cub et Seaplane (english)

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Kahlan Bingyi


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PostSubject: User Manual Piper Cub et Seaplane (english)   Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:25 pm

Congratulations on your purchase of an EG-Aircraft plane

Welcome on board the legendary Piper J3 "Cub"

To pilote this plane is simple

list of flight commands:

START to start the engine
STOP to stop the engine
Page UP for more throttle and Page Down for less throttle
Arrow keys left and right to go left and right
Arrow key down to ascend
Arrow key up to descend
HELP for help

This type of aircraft is relatively slow but nevertheless very manoeuverable, loops, rolls, etc are all possible.

when you are in the aircraft your view will automatically go to mouselook. the commands are to be written in the chat.

To take off: page up till the throttle is at 100%. When airborn throttle back t0 70% using page down.

To land: line up the aircraft with the runway and throttle back to 50% and from there slowly to 20% until you landed

For a sight seeing flight , throttle at 70% will make the flight the smoothest.

If you are ejected due too a security system over a land, the aricraft wil be returned to your lost found folder.

this aircraft has been made to go from region to region as easily as possible, despite this the plane might freeze briefly at a region border.

EG-Aricraft wishes you a pleasant flight on board your PIper Cub

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User Manual Piper Cub et Seaplane (english)
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