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 Update's DC-10

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Machiel Menges

Machiel Menges

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Update's DC-10 Empty
PostSubject: Update's DC-10   Update's DC-10 EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 9:39 pm

Hello EG Team.
I am thinking of buying the DC-10 with the KLM look.
but i have a question, If there is a update of the aircraft
can we get the newest version somewhere for free?
or will the redelivery terminal give the newest version.

Keep up the great work.
your planes are really awesome.

Machiel Menges
Stage Island Estate.
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Kahlan Bingyi

Kahlan Bingyi

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Update's DC-10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Update's DC-10   Update's DC-10 EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 3:23 pm


You receive the updates on the planes automatically.
When you rezz the plane, if there is an update you will get a blue screen giving you a new one.


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Update's DC-10
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