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 Customer Review

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PostSubject: Customer Review    Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:41 pm

I recently purchased the ATR 42-600 .I was always drawn into the commercial experience from the time I noticed SL had aircraft. I have always enjoyed my previous purchases from EG because of the realism and the great customer service. Upon rezzing ; the flight was easy to understand and without reading the directions (EXCITMENT) I was taking off in no time. I was always a cautious to use the in-flight deck controls in mouse look because of lag conditions and region crossings, with this flight - I found it very easy to Maneuver and very smooth. From Take off to destination it flew with precision. The sounds of the flight were amazing. It was a nice touch for the takeoff and landing announcements. It reminds me of the air service feel of the DC 10. The best part about this flight is I get a taste of one before its even released!!

This is a new age for SL , and so much better than Flight Simulator - EG makes commercial flights possible and I am looking forward to more to come.

Thank you again EG for your wonderful products and services.

Toby Nadezda
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PostSubject: Day 3 Sunday Afternoon    Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:24 pm

I was anticipating the weekend with traffic and lag conditions in the high traffic sims because I wanted to see how the ATR would handle. I flew into Hollywood airport with NO issues. The flight was smooth and I was able to stay in total control as it landed gracefully. I was approached by people in the region asking me where I got this fleet. They loved the detail of the plane and how well it handled. Of couse I have been flying EG crafts for some time so I made it look really good LOL.

The favorite parts about the craft were mentioned as follows.

******The Entrance and sound of the luggage compartment and how the luggage dissapears automatically
********The BLUE Lights in the cabin , it added a nice new look that looks Fantastic at night
**********The Layout of the flight deck and the ease of finding the controls in mouse look in flight.
************A better (readable) HUD


The stand up button looks like a switch for the plane, so this could cause an issue if you’re not careful or not used to it. In time it became a habit.

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Serena Lexington


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PostSubject: Re: Customer Review    Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:42 pm

Toddbro79 wrote:
I was anticipating .../...

Thanks a lot Toby it's always a great pleasure to read all that...
We're all very happy about your pleasure to fly Eg Aircrafts...
take good care and ....
"Blue skies and smooth landings from all of us"
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PostSubject: Re: Customer Review    Sat Jan 03, 2015 6:42 pm

Euh question "customer review" je n'ai pas tout saisi mais ce qui serait bien ce serait de mettre les boules "sit" pour les passagers d'une autre couleur que la couleur des sièges , en effet , les passager qui ne visent pas bien ne voient pas trop les boules alors si on les mettaient , disons en jaune vif , on pourrait plus vite les voir et s'asseoir ...  scratch
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PostSubject: Re: Customer Review    

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Customer Review
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