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 DC3 Voice chat commands

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Serena Lexington


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PostSubject: DC3 Voice chat commands   Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:33 am

These are the voice chat commands you can write in chat to fly the plane

startl : start left engine
startr : start right engine
stopl : stop left engine
stopr : stop right engine
b : brake on
boff : brake off
g : gear down
gu : gear up
f : Flaps down
foff : Flaps up
t+ : Roller pitch up
t- : Roller pitch down

l : lights position on
loff : lights position off
s : Strobes on
soff : Strobes off
p : landing light on
poff : landing light off

pause on : pause
pause off : pause off

standup : for standup
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DC3 Voice chat commands
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