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 Some suggestions

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PostSubject: Some suggestions    Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:35 am

I really love my X7 and the only bad thing is that I can´t find a better aircraft ^^.

Well anyways. What I would like to see in future updates is that you expand the flight map cause now it ends at hollywood airport and I usually fly to second Norway Airport, I think this needs an update cause the map seems rather old.

One more thing that would be really nice is to have the option to turn on simulated problems that can happen IRL, like engine failure, landing gears get stuck or wont come out ect (well the later part must make the aircraft be able to land on water and yes it should be very hard). Of course this should not happen every time, it should be random but it would ad so much more realism (I know I'm picky Wink).

I actually simulated a flame out from one of my engines to see if I could get to the nearest airport with only two engines running and yes I could but I had to increase the thrust to 90-100 to be able to keep it from loosing altitude and when landing I needed to wait until I almost touched down before I could lower my gear to not loose to much speed.

Just a thought Smile
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Some suggestions
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